“She Runs & Plays with Other Children”
My granddaughter, Destiny, four years old, has had asthma for three years. Her mother had to give her three breathing treatments per day, just to keep her well, which she never was. She has been in and out of hospitals and always ill. She has now been on “Vitamin O” for approximately four months, 20 drops, morning and night. She gets no more breathing treatments, the dark circles are gone from under her eyes, she is not sick anymore, and she runs and plays with other children. I can’t thank you enough for making it available. —Darlene O., WA

"Awake Fully Alert and Ready to Go”
I started taking "Vitamin O” about four months ago. At first I took it sparingly - only 10 drops twice a day. It was weird, I expected great things, but what I got was much more subtle. In the mornings I would feel groggy and need time to awaken. After "Vitamin O" I would awaken fully alert and ready to go. I work in a surveillance room (enclosed) for days at a time. There have been colds, flu and other maladies going through our department. I would feel the first few signs, but then it was as if the bugs said "Whoa! Let's get out of here!" I would be better without being laid up. So far so good! I want to keep on using "Vitamin O" and maybe try your Cordyceps that I have been reading about.
- SN, Illinois, age 42

I've been using "Vitamin O" for about four months and taking about 15 drops per day. I've been haunted with canker sores for about the past 10 years where I very rarely had a time when I didn't have several in my mouth, on my tongue, etc. I had been treated by doctors for everything from candida to herpes to HIV and have had blood tests every couple of months with many varied prescriptions and nothing helped. Since taking the "Vitamin 0", I had one bout (not as severe) about 2 weeks after starting it and since then have not had any more. I am truly grateful for "Vitamin Wand my prayer is that it continues to prevent the painful canker sores.
Marline Cupkie, CA, age 66

"80 Years Old and Feeling Better Than Ever"
"I know I'm better as I can lay down in bed and breathe better, much better. I'm still regulating the doses. I take 2 digestive enzyme capsules 2 or 3 times a day and 1 0 to 20 drops of "Vitamin O" 3 times a day. I know I feel so much better I want to stay on it. I'm 80 years old Sunday and a widow. I have more strength and feel better and happier and am praying to be 1 00% better as time goes on. I'm on a very limited income, but I'm trying to keep on these products as they have helped me more than anything else I've tried. I'm thankful I found you. Thank you so much. God bless you in this."

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"No More Dark Bruise Marks"
Two days after my 75+ birthday, I was once again rushed to the emergency room and consequently admitted for further observation. This time I got answers to why I periodically fainted or went into extreme huffing and puffing sessions for no apparent reason since I was a very small child of 4 or 5. 1 was pre-disposed to have emphysema later in life due to a rare inherited deficiency of an enzyme called alpha-antitrypsin in the lungs. The following 12 or so months were experimental with hand held inhalants, etc., winding up with a compressor and nebulizers to spend half hour sessions 4 or 5 times a day inhaling a mist.
I received a brochure from you 5 months ago. I sent for a supply of "Vitamin 0" ' It has helped my lungs tremendously and the use the inhalant machine became a once a day ritual almost immediately.
But, "Vitamin 0" has done much more-in fact 3 other miseries that nothing would cure have been wonderfully helped.
1 . My vocal cords were very thin causing my voice to be very deep, gruff, scratchy and gravelly like a man's. Sometimes it would be a hoarse whisper. My voice is not what it used to be 25-30 years ago.
2. My arms and hands for many years have been subject to ugly black, blue, purplish bruise marks that spread rapidly from the least little bump. Sometimes the skin would tear and roll up like pleats and I hadn't even felt the bump. I wore long sleeves winter and summer. This type misery is called purpura and has various causes and many unsuccessful treatments. "Vitamin 0" is clearing it up. At the time of this writing only very hard bumps, especially on the back on the hands, will produce the bruise mark, but it fades to red within 24 hours and usually in 3 days has disappeared in contrast to weeks without "Vitamin O".
3. The third thing "Vitamin 0" has done for me besides helping my breathing is it has cleared my nose from constantly bleeding. Every day it would bleed, 7 or 8 times. I've been rushed to the ER and even there the doctors have had a hard time stopping it, and never permanently. Even if "Vitamin O"did nothing to help my lungs-the last three items are such a blessing and delight I wouldn't be without it.
-Vada McCullough, Ohio

I Can Walk a Mile"
I take your 'Vitamin O' and love it. When I first started taking it in October of 1998 1 could only take 3 steps at a time and then had to stop and get my breath. I couldn't do any work at all and felt so bad that life was not worth living. Now I can walk a mile without getting short of breath. Thank you.
- Faye Wright, OK, age 67

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