My husbandís sleep apnea helped with Vitamin O
A personal testimonial

My husband and I have been married over 18 years and he's always suffered from sleep apnea, sometimes not breathing for more than 30 seconds at a time. But in the last few months, it has gotten worse to the point that he was struggling all night long to get air. It was so bad that the next day, even after over 8 hours of sleep, he looked ashen and often had a vacant look in his eyes and seemed to be off in another world. I was getting very, very worried. Needless to say, I didn't get enough rest from being awaked so much by his snoring and the fear that he would stop breathing all together, that's how bad he was getting. I was to the point of getting him to the doctor, when it was suggested I try giving him Vitamin O at bedtime in addition to his daytime dose.

He started with 10 drops under his tongue at bedtime. That really helped the first night . He began breathing easier and snoring less. He still seemed to have somewhat of a problem so I had him increase the amount to 15 drops at bedtime. I couldnít believe how well he was doing. Then by accident we discovered that if he took 15 drops 2 to 3 hours before going to bed and then another 15 drops at bedtime, there was even greater improvement.

Although it did not eliminate the sleep apnea completely, it has helped him rest so much better. His breathing is almost normal with very small episodes of the sleep apnea. And he snores so little, I have to check to be sure that he's breathing. I can sleep through the nights now. This is amazing to me. I've never known him to sleep so quietly. We would not be without Vitamin O and since the latest reports that sleep apnea indicate it could lead to stroke and even death, it may be life saving for him. It's helped me too. I no longer get weak with heavy limbs and I can climb stairs without getting short of breath, which I've had a problem with for over 20 years. My nails are stronger and my nose bleeds stopped.

Marianne Petersen
Oroville, California

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