my daughter Donna

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I am so disheartened and discouraged at my sister's condition.
No matter what I have tried or not tried it has made no difference.
What, dear God does one do. Maybe it's that one needs do nothing
but put all trust in you dear Lord, Our Devine creator. Please tell me
how I can make a difference, please tell me how I can become your
true and humble servent.

The answer now comes to me right now. Be one with the universal
creatator. Be present, let go of the ego. The ego is under the illusion
that it can do. Be present.

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He flies from site to site Through as many countries
as possible. Please help the dove fly around the globe by taking
him to your site. Encourage someone else to post him
on their site that may be on another continent, or in areas of the world that may be in conflict.