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Bestselling Author, Engineer and Scientist

In 1989 engineer and scientist Maurice Cotterell found a way of calculating the duration of long-term magnetic reversals on the Sun. Using this knowledge he was able to break the codes of ancient sun-worshipping civilisations, first the Mayas of Central America, those of Tutankhamun, of Egypt, and Viracocha of South America, before cracking the codes of the Terracotta Warriors of China.

His research explains how the 28-day spinning Sun regulates menstruation, and hence fertility, in females and how it determines personality of the foetus in the womb (sun-sign astrology). It explains how the Sun causes schizophrenia, how overhead power lines cause cancer and how VDU's (TV and computer screens) cause miscarriages. And it explains how the Sun brings periodic catastrophic destruction to earth every few thousand years.

His own unique decoding process reveals amazing pictures from archaeological treasures which explain the spiritual mysteries of life; why we are born, why we die and why this has to be.

His work, best described as ‘adventure fact’ brings together modern science, spirituality and ancient wisdom to unlock the secrets of the past, the present and the future.

bestselling author of
  The Mayan Prophecies The Supergods The Tutankhamun Prophecies  
  Over 2 million copies sold... Translated into more than 20 languages  
The Lost Tomb of Viracocha The Celtic Chronicles
The Celtic Chronicles
also available by mail order from the Author
this edition not available in the USA or Canada
         What they said about his books...

"Excellent work..."
Director General of INAH (National Inst. of Anthropology and History, Mexico) [2002]

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  "The man who broke the code of the Maya carving..."
The Mail on Sunday
  "Cotterell puts up enough evidence to make even the most sceptical take note..."
The Daily Mail
  "An incredible discovery..."
The Daily Express
  "One of the most amazing books I have read ever read in my life..."
Colin Wilson, Bestelling Author
  "Solved; the secret codes of the Terracotta Warriors..."
The Daily Mail [2003]
     and lectures...  
Click here for Lecture Programmes "Your lectures were an inspiration to us all...come back soon"
Jennie Kerr (College of Psychic Studies, London)
"The audience was spellbound...absoloutely amazing..."
Robert Cowley (RILKO - Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation)
"...astonishing, unbelievable, amazing"
Ron Strong (The Pythagorean Society)
"...following his lecture, Maurice Cotterell sold more books than any other festival author ever"
Andrew McKenzie (Ottakers Bookshop, Daphne Du Maurier Festival, Fowey)
  "...his audience at the Science Museum were enthralled..."
Robert Kirby, Literary Agent
Short Tourist Guides
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18 x A5 size pages (A2 double-sided)

9 x A5 size pages (A2 single-sided)
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9 x A5 size pages (A2 single-sided)

18 x A5 size pages (A2 double-sided)
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The Sun-shield of Monte Alban
not yet available in short tourist guide format

Decoded Picture; Gateway of the Sun, reflected in the waters of Lake Titicaca (inside the star of David)

Gateway of the Sun, Lake Titicaca

Decoded Picture; the head and face of Viracocha, of Tiahuanaco

Viracocha bas-relief, Gateway of the Sun, Lake Titicaca

Decoded Picture; Lord Pacal regugitating a pearl, inside a vesica pisces
Stucco head of lord Pacal, Mexico c. AD 750, inside a vesica pisces [the fish], the geometric symbol for Christianity
These images suggest that Lord Pacal, and Viracocha Pachacamac, were reincarnations of Christ
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with pull-out transparencies
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The Amazing Lid of Palenque Part I The Amazing Lid of Palenque Part II The Mural of Bonampak
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