The Kitten and the Critters
by Marianne Hayden-Petersen

Samantha was 8 years old and she had a kitten named Cory. But Cory got lonely when Samantha was away at school. Samantha tried everything she could think of to keep Cory company while she was away. She bought him stuffed mice, feathered toy friends, hanging toys and little balls, but he wasn’t really content with any of them.

Then one day while Samantha was at the fair she spotted a lady selling little furry things with funny guggle eyes, and shiny noses. They were all different colors. “What a delightful gift these little furry things would make for Cory” Samantha thought. They would keep him company too.

So Samantha asked the lady what they were called as she had never seen such cute creatures before.

“Critters” the lady said. Would you like to buy one?”

“Oh yes!” exclaimed Samantha. “They’re so pretty and soft and my kitty, Cory would love one”. And then Samantha thought “How nice it would be to have more than one”. So she picked a yellow, pink, blue, purple and green Critter.

“Now don’t forget to name your Critters” said the lady. “Okay” said Samantha and off she ran with her Critters. She could not wait to show Cory his new friends.

When Samantha opened the door of her room, Cory came running to greet her with mews of delight as he always did when Samantha came home.

“Look what I got for you Cory” Samantha said as she unwrapped the package and pulled out the Critters. “They’re Critters Cory. I hope you like them. They’ll keep you company while I’m away at school”? We’ll give them names.

So they named the yellow one Sassy, the pink one Fluffy , the blue one Missy. Then they choose Lumpy for the purple one because it had a lump in the middle of it’s back, and the green one they named Apples because he was the color of green apples!

Now all the Critters had names. Cory loved all his new friends. He and Samantha had lots of fun playing with their new friends.

When it was time for Samantha to do her homework, she left Cory and the Critters in her room and closed the door.

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